Details about our Apollo Lunar Module Simulator


  • Aluminium cockpit frame
  • Modular construcion for easy demount and mobility
  • Inner diameter of approx. 2 m
  • Big touchscreen as mainpanel (instruments and interactive switches)
  • Impressive sounds (for example a big bass speaker, installed below the floor, for engine sound and vibrations...)
  • Big LED displays as windows and “hatch view”
  • Working docking window(monitor)/view!
  • We are working on a motion platform, as a future add on.
  • Individual modifications possible.
  • Connection of external monitor is possible to use as “mission control” monitor or to show your visitors a 3rd person view of the flight.


  • High quality 3D space simulation software, developed by Space Dream Studios.
  • Simulation software will be available for regular desktop computers and mobile platforms too...
  • Fly complete missions: undocking in lunar orbit, descent, approach, landing, restart, ascent and redock with command module. Or just fly single parts of a mission, like landing or redocking...
  • Land at historical Apollo sites, like Apollo 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17
  • Explore the whole moon!
  • “Arcade” mode: “just land” the lunar module after final descent, perfect for space exhibitions, to impress your visitors!
  • “Astronaut” mode: “fly like real” by switching all the switches needed, combiend with the correct use of all controls and the DSKY...
  • “Mission manager” allows you to create own missions and modes with individual skill levels.

We are open for individual modifications of hard- and software, so that our simulator will fit perfectly into your space exhibition.

Basic price:  29.900 Euro (excludes tax, shipping and setup costs)